The Mirror with a Memory (2022)

Growing Pains
In this series, Growing Pains, I’ve designed images that bring a sentimental and nostalgic approach to the complications of growth and adulthood. With these images, I invite viewers to step into these moments and bear witness to the sleepless nights, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, and longing of myself and my subjects.
I use digital photography within a lighting studio to have full artistic control of my images. The subjects are representative of me and my feelings. Because these feelings aren’t something unique to me, I chose to use people I am close with as subjects because their stories mirror my own. This project focuses on the complications of personal growth, by addressing such themes as mental illness, self-esteem, and childhood trauma. Though each image is an expression of these individuals’ experiences, they are also representative of shared experiences. Growing Pains is an attempt to highlight these universal experiences and connect through the stories of others.
Ambrosia Griffin is a photographer from Springfield Illinois. She is a current Bachelor of Science in Photography candidate at Bradley University set to graduate in May of 2022. From the time she got her first camera in the early 2010s to her high school yearbook days, she has always been interested in commercial photography and photographic portraiture. Ambrosia has professional experience in photographing weddings, newborns, events, and various types of portrait photography. She has also been featured as the cover art for Broadside, an art and literary publication published by Bradley University. Her first exhibition of photography is set to be on display in May of 2022 at the Peoria Public Downtown Library in Peoria, IL.
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