The Mirror with a Memory (2022)

A Subtle Reminiscence
In this series, A Subtle Reminiscence, I strive to create a connection between old and new technology, architecture, and ways of seeing. Using vintage Kodak cameras from the early 20th century, I create imagery of businesses that are thriving today, just as they were when they first opened. The process I use to create my images is unconventional, often intertwining analog and digital technologies. Because the film is no longer made for these obsolete cameras that I use, they require a fair amount of manipulation to function. Each camera has its own imperfections that cause light leaks, scratches on the negatives, and inaccurate shutter speeds. After processing the film using the traditional darkroom method, the images are then scanned and brought to life through digital post-production, inkjet printing, and 3d printing. The cameras I use, much like the businesses I photograph, would be obsolete if not for someone taking on the challenges of keeping them functioning. Using this approach, I bring life to these places and processes that I love, while creating work that parallels its object of creation.
Anna Kate is a photographer from Central Illinois who has been obsessed with taking pictures since she was a young kid. Her photographic interests range from nature, portraiture, architectural photography, historical work, and such alternative methods as lumen printing and cyanotypes. She has a passion for live performance photography and has worked on staff for many musicians. Anna enjoys working with vintage analog cameras that have stood the test of time, in order to create work about time, history, and memory. Anna is a current BS candidate in photography at Bradley University. She also received an Associate’s in the Arts from Illinois Central College in 2019. Her work has been featured in the Wheels O’ Time Museum in Peoria, and her capstone photography project will be featured in the forthcoming exhibition, The Mirror with a Memory, at the Peoria Downtown Public Library. 
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