Artificial Lifestyle
Social media applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube have a strong influence on
the world. These platforms give people the opportunity to connect with just a tap of a button. But just like
a coin that has two sides, social media can have both positive and negative effects. The series Artificial
Lifestyle focuses on the unfavorable and harmful effects of unfettered and unregulated social media.
These staged and dramatized photographs reference the ways in which our curated feeds, often showing
only the best of our lives, impact the way people see themselves in relation to their friends and social
media contacts. When disconnected from the real world, users become obsessive about aesthetics and
often seems to lose a sense of reality. Through the exploration of projected wealth, power, and status, I
invite viewers to recognize the tropes and symbols of the social media realm.

Sakyra Brown is an emerging artist from Chicago, IL. She is a senior studio art photography major at Bradley University. Sakyra’s work centers around studio photography where she is able to use her creativity to build sets and control the light. She is also interested in commercial and lifestyle photography. Her photographic journey started when she was in high school and grew more throughout college. Photography became Sakyra’s main artistic medium because she always enjoyed going out and being able to capture special moments both in and out of the studio. 
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